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Amy Brailey 

Thank you for your in depth play by play.  I'm in town on a grant to study George Washington in the French Indian War, and specifically the Battle of Monongahela.  This page was incredibly helpful for my research!  

Winston Card aka CachesCard 

I was reading your ten tips for geocaching and had a couple of "Ahah" moments. I have spent more than my share of time bush whacking my way to the trail I should have been on in the first place. We tend to put too much faith in our electronics these days.

I'm fairly new to geocaching and recently placed a cache with my brother and a couple of friends.
While scouting and preparing our GZ we spent a considerable amount of time cleaning up the area of trash. We maintain and restock our cache every week and I am surprised to see the amount of trash every time I go.

Mike Younger 

While searching for detailed information concerning the
Our Lady of Good Hope Catholic Shrine near Green Bay, Wisconsin, I found a great web page on the Off the Beaten Path website with detailed information, photos, experiences etc. This site was even better than the web site of the shrine. Thank you.

jim bayne 

Enjoyed your great account of General Braddock's defeat in 1755.

Martin Wade 

I enjoy history, knew about Glorieta Pass, and always thought it was the farthest West battle of the Civil War, but did not know about the skirmishes further West in Arizona.
Thanks much for the info, quite interesting
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