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I love history found your site and can not tell you how muich i am enjoying it .

Charles Michalski
Plainfield, Illinois


Jameson Feterl 

Interesting page...I found it when I was researching the banked railroad-railbed between Presho and Rapid City, SD. Found out about Conata and Spokane, of which both towns are former rail/mining towns.

I also read many other pages on this site, regarding Little Crow and other figures. 

Will definitely come back again!

Ron M Hunter 


     Enjoyed the article on the battle of the Little Bighorn.

Jim Cee 

Very good summary of events before and after the battle as one must understand the chain of events that preceded Little Big Horn. Thank you also for dispelling the myth that there was one major battle with Indians encircling Custer and his men and cutting them down. The battle was actually a number of skirmishes each having its own story to tell. I would love to visit the site one of these days as the history is so rich and fascinating. Custer's wife Libby helped to perpetuate her husband's memory as a gallant soldier and made a ton of money doing so. 

Bernie O'Bryan 

Please correct the errors concerning Wallace's record at Shiloh and the mistakes concerning Grant dismissing Wallace.   There are several books that have proven Wallace was on the correct road at Shiloh and Grant even says so in his autobiography!   I recommend Gail Steven's book and an even more recent     
 “My Greatest Quarrel with Fortune” Major General Lew Wallace in the West, 1861–1862 by Charles G. Beemer.  Both of these researchers and authors also appear in the film on Public Television "Lew Wallace: Shiloh Soldier, Ben-Hur Bard" in which I play Gen. Lew Wallace.   In that film, Gail walks the actual battlefield route Wallace took and details how quickly he move his entire corps that day.   Otherwise your site is quite interesting, but these mistakes blemish an otherwise fine job.

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