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Your page on the US Dakota War of 1862 is very well done! I was on the board of directors of the Wood Lake Battlefield Preservation Association for several years. 


Thanks for your page on Our Lady of Good Help.

Clint Lewis 

You are wrong about which one is George Custer.  He is the one mounted on the horse, the one on the ground is Tom Custer.  George Custer didn't wear a buckskin coat, he brother Tom did!

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kris vanderman 

3/14/18 Braddock campaign ..well done , quite impressed you knew the river Monongahela meant " falling banks ' and had many fords , a classic alluvial river drainage system pre navigation improvements.
  I place these  frontier events under the category of 'why we speak English " with your reference to the Battle of Brushy Run being the penultimate decider. Very much appreciate your efforts , appeared quite correct and thorough in my limited knowledge.
One small comment , the Iroquois , also called the Six Nations ( or seven depending on dates) , one of the original six were the Seneca .
   George Washington learned military tactics "on the job" in what is now Southwestern PA . he secured his "finish" at Long Island and Brandywine preserving his army in retreat at both , much as he preserved the retreating remnants at the Battle of the Monongahela aka Braddock's defeat. Thanks again for a job well done. kris vanderman
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