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Keith Palazzo 

Wonderful presentation on the Battle of New Orleans.  I grew up about 20 miles downriver from Chalmette in a very small community called Belair.  Always loved visiting this battlefield. Ever since visiting it for the first time on a grammar school field trip it always captivated my interest.  
Recently read "Andrew Jackson and Miracle of New Orleans" by Brian Kilmeade.  It was a very well written book and recommend it to anyone interested in this battle.
Loved your visual presentations.  Paintings, maps, etc.  Nice plantation overlay on the present day Chalmette.  
Thanks again.


civil war battles..nicely done....I live in mobile and was curious about our part of the theatre..very informative and non wordy, easy to read ...

Joel Harrell 

Ever since I saw the old movie, "They Died With Their Boots On", I have read everything that has come out about the Custer fight. The movie was not true to life, but it sparked my interest in Custer and the Little Big Horn fight, as well as his overall service.

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